Contact Us

Contact Us

We’re interested in hearing from you. You can contact us at for general questions and suggestions, or you can email us individually at the following links:

Board of Directors

Dave Hurst (Chairperson)
Jason Martin (Vice Chairperson)
Michael Shaw (Secretary)
Justin Duncan (Treasurer)
Brian Case
Peter Croce
Mike Flack
Bill Hermann
Tom Hermann
Lisa Flores-Johnson
Curtis Kalina
Loren Konkus
Darin Kowalski
Kate McLean
Tammie Philpott

Or email us all at

Standing Committees

National Mountain Bike Patrol
Trail Projects
Fundraising and Grants

Trail Coordinators

Hickory Glen Park: Michael Kearney
Highland Recreation Area: Bob Spleet, Terry Brown, Kevin Petts
Hines Park: Mike Flack
Island Lake Recreation Area: Mark Dombrowski
Kensington Connector: Bill Hermann
Lakeshore Park: Dave Cox, Loren Konkus
Maybury State Park: Don Chisholm, Matt Bushore, Brennan Booms
Milford Trail: Bill Hermann, Darin Kowalski
Northville Legacy Park: Jeffrey Oles, Scott Silvers
Proud Lake Recreation Area: Bill Hermann, Tim Slabach
Rouge Park: Chris Frey, Peter Croce
Settlers Park: Tom Hermann, Marc Cope

  • Tree Farm Relay, July 22nd 2023

    Tree Farm Relay, July 22nd 2023

    Your favorite tiki party and bike race of the summer is on!  Get ready for the 18th Annual Tree Farm Relay at Lakeshore Park in Novi, presented by the MCMBA and Team Tree Farm. Rain or shine (usually rain), it’ll be your favorite event of the summer. Learn more and register at

  • MCMBA Clinics

    MCMBA Clinics

    Come join us to re/learn fundamental skills and gain confidence on the trails. Clinics are a great way to take your skills to the next level by getting instruction, repetition, and feedback from certified instructors in a controlled, low-risk environment. Scan the QR code or click the links below for more details and to register!…

  • Milford Bike Fest

    Milford Bike Fest

    Sat June 3, 2023 – Milford, MI Did you know that 5 single track mountain bike trails are fully accessible from Downtown Milford?  Join the Motor City Mountain Biking Association for the Milford Bike Fest and Trail Challenge as we showcase some of our favorite mountain bike trails, raise money for trail maintenance and youth…