FAFL Award Winners

Congrats to our 2014 FAFL award winners! Each of these volunteers has reported at least 10 hours of boots on the ground construction and maintenance work this year at a chapter trail, and will receive a small token of appreciation from the chapter.

  1. Amber Koa
  2. Bill Hermann
  3. Bob Spleet
  4. Bryan Garchar
  5. Carole Mousigian
  6. Chris Smith
  7. Dave Bastine
  8. Dave Cox
  9. Dave Hurst
  10. Dave Seidel
  11. Dean Clark
  12. Diane Ursu
  13. Don Chisholm
  14. Dave Mackey (241 hours!)
  15. John Jedynak
  16. John Wilds
  17. Joseph Foy
  18. Katherine Rose
  19. Ken McLouth
  20. Kevin Petts
  21. Loren Konkus
  22. Mark Dombrowski
  23. Matt Bushore
  24. Matt Dughi
  25. Michael Faulk (204 hours!)
  26. Mike Flack
  27. Mike White
  28. Nate Sefcik
  29. Norbert Skorupski
  30. Sharon James
  31. Steve Steinberg
  32. Tim Slabach
  33. Taiyo Ichikawa
  34. Terry Brown
  35. Terry Young

Thanks to all!

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