MCMBA Singletrack Slam

MCMBA Singletrack Slam

Register now for the Singletrack Slam, a challenge to ride all 12 (plus Badlands as a bonus) trail systems of the MCMBA!

If you like riding bikes, meeting new people, challenging yourself, spending time outdoors, trying new trails, and participating in non-race biking events, then check out the registration page for more info and to sign up today!

Join the MCMBA Singletrack Slam Facebook page to organize group rides, get the latest trail recommendations and routes from trail coordinators, and post your trail photos.

The MCMBA Singletrack Slam rules are very simple – Between April 15-September 30, ride your bike on all 12 of the MCMBA trail systems and post a picture and/or video of yourself, your bike, or you on your bike on the trail to our socials with the appropriate hashtags. If you are not on social media, you can text or email the photo instead.

In order to receive proper credit for riding all or part of a trail, your post must include, at minimum, 3 tags: #MCMBA, #MCMBASingletrackSlam, and the following hashtag for that trail system:

  • #HighlandMTB
  • #IslandLakeMTB
  • #MilfordMTB
  • #SettlersMTB
  • #HinesMTB
  • #LegacyMTB
  • #LakeshoreMTB
  • #HickoryGlenMTB
  • #KensingtonConnectorMTB
  • #ProudLakeMTB
  • #RougeMTB
  • #MayburyMTB
  • #BadlandsMTB is a bonus trail you can choose to add to the 12 required to complete the challenge

Where do I send the photos or videos?

We encourage you to post in all your usual places so your friends can rally you on, but you’ll need to post in at least one of the following places in order for that ride to count toward the challenge:

  • Facebook –  Post them to the MCMBA Singletrack Slam group and include the 3 challenge hashtags
  • Instagram or TikTok – Tag @motor_city_mba and include the 3 challenge hashtags
  • Text from the phone number you registered and include the trail hashtag only
  • Email from the address you registered with the trail hashtag as the subject line

What if I don’t complete all 12 trails?

We are not collecting Strava traces, we only want you give each of these trail systems a go, and ride what you can, or can navigate. But remember, this is a challenge, so feel free to push your comfort zone and try something new! If you cannot complete all 12 trail systems, then no shirt for you!  However, some grace will be given for extenuating circumstances.  

The trail completion tracker will be only be updated once or twice a month so don’t sweat it if you don’t see your trail completion up right away. If you have any questions, please reach out to

See you on the trails!

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If the scroll bars aren’t working properly, use the arrow keys or swipe with your finger to move through the spreadsheet.