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Hines Park is a linear parkway stretching from Northville to Dearborn Heights along the Middle Rouge River, with 15 miles of heavily used paved pathways connecting cyclists in the surrounding communities. Together with Wayne County Parks, the MCMBA is developing singletrack loops long the pathway, inviting users away from the road and into a natural singletrack experience. The current MTB trail sequence is:

  • The Lakeview Trail is a 2.6 mile trail follows the south shoreline of Newburgh lake. This segment is highlighted by breathtaking views of the lake as the trail winds, climbs and descends along the steep overlooking bluffs.
  • The Riverview Trail is a 1.7 mile trail that continues east of Newburgh, providing more up close and personal encounters with the Rouge River mixed with meadows and hardwood forests.
  • The Riverview Ridge Trail is a 0.3 mile one-way westerly trail that twists through the tree ridge above Riverview Drive. It challenges you with an initial climb before speeding you along a forest path with quickly changing elevations, surfaces, and curves that will test your handling skills.
  • The Oak Grove Trail is a 1.3 mile trail that stretches along scenic Nankin Lake. The trail follows the natural contours of the steep, wooded banks, and also holds fun log, rock, and skinny features to add to your adventure. All features have a ridearound if you just want to enjoy a smooth ride through the lush woods.
  • The Three Fires Trail is a 0.6 mile trail that continues east of the new pedestrian bridge and takes you on a twisty journey along the river until the Holliday Nature Preserve entrance lot. The trail does take you out of the trees in three places, just keep following along the treeline until you see the next point of entry.
  • The Trail-47 is a 1.4 mile scenic trail that stretches between the bridge at the bike park and the Nankin Mills bridge. The later is currently closed, so right now it’s ridable as a loop. A great trail for working on your climbing technique.
  • The Hawthorn Ridge Bike Park includes a paved pump track and adjoining MTB skills park, designed and created by the internationally renowned firm Velosolutions. Hawthorne Ridge is located on Hines Drive, just west of Merriman Road.

The Hines Park mountain bike trails are both one way and bidirectional – use caution, keep an eye out for directional signs, and be prepared to yield to oncoming traffic.

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