Northville Legacy Park Overview

Northville Legacy Park Trails Overview

Located on the fringes of a piece of property that was formerly the Northville Psychiatric Hospital, there are no clues today alluding to its prior history. Now Legacy Park is a serene woods conveniently located in Northville Township. Once you make your way in among the trees, if not for the occasional sound of the distant urban surf wafting through the treetops, it would be impossible to know how close to civilization this place is.

The approximately 2 mile long Bell Branch Trail flows well on a mountain bike while including enough twisty sections to help you remember that turning can be fun too. The tread is generally smooth and relatively free of roots and rocks. The terrain is rolling with enough elevation change to get the heart rate going if you try to but also gradual enough to accommodate riders who prefer a more casual pace. Sight lines are very good, allowing a clear view of the trail ahead and affording glimpses of wildlife and of the many historic beech trees located throughout the area. It is a particularly good trail for beginners, kids and people who are returning to MTB after some time away from it.

The adjacent Chinkapin Hiking Trail winds to a majestic chinkapin oak tree as its signature feature and namesake. This approximately 1 mile loop is a great place to explore on foot before or after a ride.

Additional trail segments are planned as more area of the park is developed.

For longer distance and more adventure, additional riding opportunities at Maybury State Park, Hines Park and the I-275 Metro Trail are within a reasonable riding distance via public roads. When the riding is done, establishments for nourishment and libation are in abundance just off the trail.

  Legacy Park Trails mountain biking trails

Trail Status:

Trail Miles: 2

Trail Conditions and Discussion Forum: Link

Trail Coordinators: Jeffrey OlesScott Silvers

Trail Maps:Map-Northville.pdf

Local Weather: Weather Underground

Directions: The main trail head and informational kiosk for both trails is located on Wayne Ave 0.3 miles West of Haggerty Rd  between 6 and 7 mile roads. Roadside parking is available there.



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    MCMBA Membership Meeting

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