There are many ways that we can work as individuals to make Michigan an even better mountain biking scene.

Whether teaching someone how to fix a flat tire on the trail, clearing deadfall from a trail after a storm, or attending a city council meeting to advocate for trails, there are many ways to serve and all of your efforts are important and valued. We appreciate your work and all you do as a positive ambassador for mountain biking.

However, there are some things that are only possible if we work together. Your MCMBA membership helps in three important ways:

  • Your dollars help to fund trail work, buy tools, and fund advocacy
  • As a member, you give the chapter greater numbers and a stronger voice when working with land managers
  • Sharing your insights helps provide direction and focus to our work


We all love to travel with our bikes, and decisions make at the state and federal level affect us all. Your membership in MCMBA is an effective way to act locally and advocate globally, building the local trails you ride every day and supporting the trails you love to visit. Join us today, and make a difference.

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Sure your membership helps and we can put your donations to good use, but if you really want to make a difference, give us a few hours of your time. Clearing branches off a trail after a storm, grilling food for hungry racers at a fundraising event, teaching eager children how to ride over a log at a biking clinic – these are the things that build better trails and a vibrant community.


Trail Work

The trails we love don’t just happen. Most of our trails were created by mountain bikers and are maintained by mountain bikers – just like you.

Working on a trail you love to ride can be very rewarding. Each time that you ride the trail you’ll look back at your work with a sense of satisfaction and pride that you made the world a little bit better.

Lets Get to Work!

Bike Patrol

Wouldn’t you like to give back to the mountain bike community while you are riding? Do you ride at Maybury, Lakeshore (Tree Farm), ILRA, Milford or any other trail frequently? We are making it easy to join the MCMBA’s chapter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol.

Join the Bike Patrol


Money can’t buy you love, but it can sure help build great trails.

Your dollars really help. Volunteers need to be fed and watered to grow strong, and they are much more effective when we provide them with the tools that they need. Bridges need to be built, kiosks raised, signs need to be planted, and that takes money for materials.



These sponsors support us through donations, race support and swag, and lots of volunteer time from their racing teams. Send some business their way, and say “thanks!” next time you visit.

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