Bike Patrol

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We need mountain bike patrollers, and this could be you!

Wouldn’t you like to give back to the mountain bike community while you are riding? Do you ride at Maybury, Lakeshore (Tree Farm), ILRA, Milford or any other trail frequently? We are making it easy to join the MCMBA’s chapter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol.

Click this link to get started!

Once you have completed the online requirements, contact us for information on training courses.

Once you are certified as a National Mountain Bike Patroller, we will require that you patrol a minimum of 20 hours on MCMBA trails each year, report your hours patrolled and any incidents. Because of the investment the MCMBA is making in training, a commitment of more than one season is expected.

What are the benefits?

  1. The MCMBA will contribute to or cover your costs for training (both first aid/CPR and the mountain bike patrol course) and a patrol jersey, depending on the number of applicants. All other expenses are tax deductable because IMBA is a non-profit organization.
  2. Access to the IMBA web store and authorization to purchase NMBP merchandise.
  3. Access to professional team cycling deals at, and other pro level deals from
    Turner bikes and Rocky Mountain Bicycles. Get your gear at half price!
  4. All the other benefits detailed here:
  5. Every hour you patrol is an hour of valuable community service!

There are four mandatory requirements for membership as a patroller:

  1. Current certification in basic first aid and CPR.
  2. Successful completion of any of the following courses:
    1. A mountain bike patrol training course (taught by MCMBA or MMBA bike patrol).
    2. A volunteer host training program (taught by local land manager).
    3. A ski area specific mountain bike patroller training (taught by a local ski area management or ski patrol).
  3. A passing grade on the NMBP Patroller online certification exam.
  4. Send in an application form with membership payment to IMBA.