Global Fat Bike Day @ ILRA

Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2023 –

The original & still the best!

The 1st Saturday in December is reserved for fatties to rule the world! Come join us for a 10 AM picture & waiver sign, then roll the Badlands at your leisure!

We’ll put out ribbons like in years past to mark the lesser known trails! Expect 6-10 miles in the Badlands, and continue on to ride the regular mountain bike trail if you choose!

We will meet at the parking lot at Springmill Pond within Island Lake State Park in Brighton, MI at 10 am for a group photo!

Post-ride festivities will be BYOB or many of us head down to Draught Horse Brewing!

Some FAQ’s answered:
Q: Is this the regular mountain bike trail?
A: No, this is an abandoned mine site. We will have 2 loops flagged that utilize some existing trails, we’ve trimmed them back a bit, but expect loose sand, mud, tall grasses, and everything else that would deter a normal mountain bike.

Q: Will there be people to show us around?
A: Yes, we have quite a few veterans of the Badlands that naturally lead these rides?

Q: What air pressure should I run?
A: I don’t know anything about your tires, rims, riding style or how much you weigh, so I don’t know the answer!

Q: Will there be beer?
A: We didn’t pull an alcohol permit, & that jack’s up the insurance rate for a free ride, so it will be BYOB if you want to have one.

Q: Can I cross the fences and ride the fun stuff on the other side?
A: Absolutely not, the fence separates he inactive mining site from the active mine site. Don’t ruin the opportunity by crossing it!

Q: What should I wear?
A: Clothes. Warning, this is a social ride, and most of the groups are only as fast as the slowest person. If you’re faster and part of a large group, expect to wait around a bit for the slower riders, dress warmer in this case so you don’t get cold waiting. If you’re slower…..then dress normally for the weather.