Womens Clinic

MCMBA Womens Fundamentals Clinic, August 11

Welcome to the MCMBA Women’s Fundamentals Skills Clinic!
Whether you’re a beginner seeking confidence on the trails or an intermediate rider aiming to refine your techniques, this clinic is tailored to empower and elevate your mountain biking journey. Over the course of our session, we’ll delve into essential skills such as body positioning, braking techniques, navigating obstacles, and mastering cornering. Led by certified female instructors, we prioritize a supportive and encouraging environment where you can push your limits, conquer challenges, and connect with fellow riders. Get ready to shred with confidence, embrace the thrill of the trails, and unleash your full potential on two wheels!

MCMBA Women’s Clinic
Date: Sunday August 11th, 2024
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Tree Farm (Lakeshore Park) – Pavilion #3 (closest to trailhead)
Price: $200

Capacity: 24 riders (8 in each group; 1 coach and 1 assistant coach in each group)
Waitlist enabled if we reach capacity

Registration link here: https://runsignup.com/MCMBAWomensClinic
Contact: clinics@mcmba.org