National Mountain Bike Patrol Training

Thanks to all the folks who attended the National Mountain Bike Patrol training class this weekend and volunteered to be new mountain bike patrollers. There are going to be 15 new bike patrollers riding out there this year and next! 

The day began in the classroom with an introduction to the role of a Patroller, qualifications, equipment, bike repair, and first aid.

After the presentation and discussion, everyone was eager to hit the trail to practice what they learned in some role playing scenarios.

Scenarios included mechanical issues, injuries, angry confrontations between trail users, and disoriented riders. The other Maybury riders added reality to the scenarios, providing practice with traffic control!

If you get a chance, thank a patroller for the time spent training and the volunteer hours they put in. They are easy to spot in the red jerseys and large packs, helping people along the way.

(If you’d like to get involved, it’s not too late! See the Patroller page for more information.)

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