Congratulations to our 2020 FAFL winners!

Please join us in thanking our MCMBA FAFL winners for 2020! 

This was a year like no other. A quiet desperation for outside recreation in our communities meant that parks were busier than ever, filled with new users discovering and falling in love with the trails that we help maintain and sometimes take for granted.

The need for social distancing meant that most of our trail work this year happened as individual efforts, or in occasional small groups. Despite those constraints, we had a very robust year of volunteerism, with 167 people reporting 4200 hours of helping with chapter trails. The Bureau of Labor calculates that as $105,000 of value donated to our local parks. Thanks to all!

The following 71 volunteers went above and beyond and reported enough time to qualify for our annual FAFL thank you gift. Each of these volunteers reported at least 10 hours of boots on the ground trailwork or at least 30 hours of time on other chapter activities. This year, the average FAFL winner volunteered 43 hours working on the trails!

  • Adam Schmidt
  • Amber Koa
  • Bill Hermann
  • Blake Feucht
  • Bob Spleet
  • Brandon Groff
  • Brennan Booms
  • Brian Case
  • Bryan Garchar
  • Carole Baker
  • Carrie Sirola
  • Chris Frey
  • Craig James
  • Curtis Kalina
  • Darin Kowalski
  • Dave Cox
  • Dave Hurst
  • David Cook
  • Don Chisholm
  • Elijah Cope
  • Elliot Klein
  • Eric Egedy
  • Garrett Wolcott
  • Gordon Hamilton
  • Jack Lee
  • Jackie Cope
  • James Petiprin
  • Jared Pence
  • Jason Martin
  • Jeff Hudnut
  • Jeffrey Oles
  • Jerry Cox
  • John Biehn
  • John Reyst
  • Joseph Foy
  • Justin Duncan
  • Katherine Rose
  • Kevin Petts
  • Leon Masseus
  • Loren Konkus
  • Marc Cope
  • Mark Dombrowski
  • Matt Bushore
  • Matthew Sell
  • Michael Foy
  • Michael Kearney
  • Michael Shaw
  • Mike Flack
  • Miriam Cope
  • Noah Cope
  • Norbert Skorupski
  • Norm Johnson
  • Peter Croce
  • Rich Campeau
  • Robert Hurley
  • Ron Van Diepen
  • Sarah Vano
  • Scott Silvers
  • Sharon James-Foy
  • Steve Big eai
  • Steve Nowicki
  • Steve Poirier
  • Steve Steinberg
  • Tammie Philpott
  • Terry Brown
  • Tim Reeves
  • Tim Rose
  • TJ Tyrrell
  • Todd Effner
  • Tom Hermann
  • Tristan Biehn
  • William Kittle Jr

In appreciation, we’d like to present each of these outstanding volunteers with a custom printed MCMBA hoodie! Please click here to share your sizing preferences by February 20th so we can get the order started.


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