Congratulations to our 2021 FAFL winners!

Congrats to our 2021 FAFL Award Winners!

It was a challenging year with storms and surges, but our volunteers came through as always. Our trails are busier than ever, with more and more people growing to appreciate the trails and getting involved in their stewardship. This year saw 204 trail enthusiasts reporting 4340 hours of work – a record on both counts! The Independent Sector values this work at $123,863 – that’s a lot of value that we bring to our area parks and trails.

For over two decades, we have recognized the most significant volunteer efforts with the First Across the Finish Line (FAFL) award. Each of these volunteers has reported at least 10 hours of work on a chapter trail or at least 30 hours of other chapter advocacy work to further our goals. Our 2021 winners are:

  1. Anthony Colard
  2. Bill Hermann
  3. Billy Kittle
  4. Bob Spleet
  5. Brandon Thielen
  6. Brennan Booms
  7. Brian Case
  8. Bryan Garchar
  9. Carl Slindee
  10. Carrie Sirola
  11. Chris Frey
  12. Curtis Kalina
  13. Darin Kowalski
  14. Dave Bastine
  15. Dave Cox
  16. Dave Hurst
  17. Dave Paurazas
  18. David Cook
  19. David Nowell
  20. David Siroonian
  21. Deborah Wheeler
  22. Don Chisholm
  23. Elliot Klein
  24. Eric Kirk
  25. Gary Weak
  26. Gordon Hamilton
  27. Gregory Moore
  28. Hans Bishop
  29. Holly Wright
  30. James Petiprin
  31. Jared Pence
  32. Jason Martin
  33. Jeff Hudnut
  34. Jeff Shotwell
  35. Jerry Cox
  36. John Biehn
  37. John Wheeler
  38. Joseph Mark Foy
  39. Justin Applegate
  40. Justin Duncan
  41. Justin Lang
  42. Justin Wholehan
  43. Kate McLean
  44. Kevin Konkus
  45. Kevin Petts
  46. Leon Masseus
  47. Lisa Flores-Johnson
  48. Loren Konkus
  49. Lori Cartman
  50. Marc Cope
  51. Mark Dombrowski
  52. Mark Viergutz
  53. Matt Sell
  54. Matthew Heirtzler
  55. Michael Shaw
  56. Mike Flack
  57. Mike Kearney
  58. Mike Strozeski
  59. Nathan Helmick
  60. Nicholas Evon
  61. Patrick Torossian
  62. Peter Croce
  63. Peter Lennon
  64. Peter Zobel
  65. Peter Zouboulakis
  66. Rick Compeau
  67. Sarah Vano
  68. Sharon James-Foy
  69. Steve Nowicki
  70. Tammie Philpott
  71. Terry Brown
  72. Terry Young
  73. Tim Reeves
  74. Tim Rose
  75. TJ Tyrrell
  76. Tom Hermann
  77. William Guarino

In appreciation, we’d like to present each of these outstanding volunteers with a custom printed MCMBA long sleeved t-shirt! Please click here to share your sizing preferences by February 14th so we can get the order started.



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