Fall MCMBA Chapter Meeting

Please join us at our fall chapter meeting!

Tues. Sept 27 at 7:15pm at the meeting room in the new building at Lakeshore Park (Novi Tree Farm). Why 7:15? So folks can meet and ride the trail (or a portion of it) at 6pm and still be done in time to join the meeting! Come ride the Farm, then join us for our next Chapter meeting.
Feel free to bring food & beverage of your choice.

Proposed agenda at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RhPi3prxuyqT1RwZwmYum4Z_VA-2Y5iAc00yKYtHCvY/edit?usp=sharing


  • Spring MCMBA Chapter Meeting

    Spring MCMBA Chapter Meeting

    Join us at River’s Edge Brewing Company in Milford, MI at 7pm to find out our 2023 trail plans, LMB membership updates, and pick up FAFL swag! Some members are doing a social pace of Milford around 4:15 at the Janowski Field trailhead, come join them and meet some of your fellow riders!

  • Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

    Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

    Bring the family out to the Riverbends Shelter at Island Lake Rec Area on Saturday, May 20 between 10am-2pm for swag, snacks, water, and fun! Free family fun out on the trails!

  • Global Fat Bike Day – Sat, Dec 3 @ ILRA

    Global Fat Bike Day – Sat, Dec 3 @ ILRA

    The 1st Saturday in December is reserved for fatties to rule the world! Come join us for a 10 AM picture & waiver sign, then roll the Badlands at your leisure!   We’ll put out ribbons like in years past to mark the lesser known trails! Expect 6-10 miles in the Badlands, and continue on…